The obvious, and only, solution to our health care dilemma — Op-ed

Without the ACA's mandate that people buy insurance, Minnesota Human Services Commissioner Emily Piper said many people who think they don't need coverage will opt out, leaving people with health problems who need insurance facing higher premiums. And our promise to you is that we will always strive to provide indispensable journalism to our community.

That may appeal to the moderates, but the conservatives won't like it at all. This is a major victory, but our work is far from over.

Ohio expanded Medicaid under Obamacare, so it is not surprising that only 14 percent of Ohioans want Medicaid funding to decrease, according to a new poll sponsored by the American Medical Association. Throwing more money into a patchwork of poorly targeted funds that perpetuate the inequities in coverage between expansion and non-expansion states is no substitute for the Medicaid expansion, which has been highly successful in increasing coverage and access to care, including treatment for opioid addiction.

So let's get this show on the road. The goal is winning the support of wavering moderate Republicans who will make or break the legislation. The regulations that Trump enacts governing the individual insurance market, the day-to-day operations of HHS' insurance exchanges, and efforts to reduce political uncertainty around policies like funding cost-sharing rebates, enforcing the employer and individual mandates, and extending reinsurance all have enormous effects on the premiums. It will take more than teamwork to fix GOP healthcare dysfunction, Williams explains that the GOP's shortcomings are more fundamental.

Although Republicans have promised to repeal Obamacare for years, it appears there are not enough votes in the Senate to do it. Why? But equally disturbing, Gaba says, is the impact Republicans are already having on coverage and premiums. It's how society accomplishes things individuals couldn't afford on their own.

O.J.: "Oh, I heard that". But read for yourself.

Look out for those higher costs!

Subsequent generations of Americans have added to and extended those constitutional rights, for example by abolishing slavery, extending the vote to women and guaranteeing that the right to vote could not be denied on the basis of race or national origin.

Trump also said of passing health care legislation, "If we don't get it done, we are going to watch Obamacare go down the tubes, and we'll blame the Democrats". Of particular concern is the unwarranted attack on Medicaid, the source of health coverage for over 70 million hardworking Americans.

'Siri, can just we start over?'

"We can repeal it, but we should repeal it and replace, and we shouldn't leave town until this is complete, until this bill is on my desk", Trump said. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) - as a way to get him on board. Medicaid provides for healthy births and assistance for older people to be able to remain in their homes. Taxing employees and employers on health insurance premium values would do substantial harm. Shouldn't we want these freedoms for all Americans?

Representative Andy Harris (R-Md.) responded to criticisms of Republican efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare Wednesday in a phone interview with 47abc. The pool also included lifetime maximums - so once it had paid a certain amount, enrollees lost all support and any hope of finding insurance in any form. While Trumps growls and sulks, he nevertheless seems to give into generals.

Another take on our nation's healthcare journey? That's clearly not happening. In A Tale of Two Health Systems, Kelley Beloff, a medical office manager, offers her insights about two healthcare systems, and two very different outcomes.

Wait. There's more to summer?

Some Senate Republicans struck a more conciliatory tone, suggesting that lawmakers should work on a bipartisan measure that would help stabilize the individual insurance markets. Spending more money than the current system is not allowed by the reconciliation process, and it's certainly not the goal of most Republicans pushing repeal either.

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