This Tiny Game of Thrones Detail Could Mean the End for Littlefinger

Revealing that she was the mastermind behind Joffrey's demise, Olenna's big speech at the end of season 7 episode 3 is the only way her character could have died. Suddenly taking on an affectation of blankness that he hasn't displayed at all thus far, Bran can't even be bother to return Sansa's emotional embrace. So you already know all of this.

Cersei and Jaime's psycho offspring-of-incest was murdered at his wedding to Margaery Tyrell; he was poisoned using a crystallized substance smuggled into the wedding unwittingly by Sansa Stark and put in the King's wine by Olenna. The series' eighth season will be its last. It's not Brienne, despite her being entirely wasted in Winterfell.

On this week's episode of Talk the Thrones, the team discussed the encounter.

Those watching the HBO hit series couldn't hold back their tears as they watched the emotional moment unfold, as one fan wrote on social media: "A STARK REUNION!"

On Episode 12 of Ireland's first social chat show we have Alex Murphy and Chris Walley of The Young Offenders fame, music from Corkman Eoghan McElhinney and a chat with Irish sprinter Gina Akpe-Moses.


- It was rumoured that Bran and Meera will reach the wall and gain entry into the North in the first episode.

There were already subtle hints before the official release of the new season of "Game of Thrones" that Arya might be the one to kill Little Finger. She's powerful because she has the opportunity to talk to Daenerys on a regular basis and has her queen's trust, a clear point of pride for her. I don't know, maybe don't reward the guys who fought for the man who had women eaten by dogs?

House Stark doesn't have a good track record on Game of Thrones. Bran's attitude is not merely something that happens to Three-Eyed Raven it was a conscious choice on Bran's part. Yet, stranger things have certainly happened so anything is possible. As Insider's Kim Renfro notes, We've seen them before, on Littlefinger, as can be clearly viewed in the Season 5 scene where he comforts Sansa Stark before handing her over to a sadistic rapist. "Everything that's happening right now".

Despite all the warring factions and political intrigue present in Game of Thrones from the very start, the show is starting to build towards one inevitable conflict-between the living and the dead, the White Walkers and humanity-and doing away with all the others.

Like seriously, we wanted more of this!

To hell with sitting around quietly leading prayer circles and declaring your eternal devotion to horrible men. "When the long night comes again, I need to be ready".

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