Became known new cases swellings iPhone 8

It also had a great zoom and closed in on a true optical blur for the 'bokeh' effect, thanks to a blurred foreground and background.

This technology, as I've written recently, really is a game changer and easily one of my favorite features of the iPhone 8 Plus.

As there appears to be no possibility for personal injury, there is unlikely to be a recall as in the Galaxy Note situation. The Bokeh effect was found to be erratic as well, while white balance casts were observed frequently in bright light and indoor conditions.

The phones will also work with Google's new $159 wireless Pixel Buds. If something goes wrong here, it would be a major blow to the company. Once you record the video, just adjust the part where you'd like to add the slow-mo effect and save it.

The numerous reports suggest that iPhone 8 Plus batteries are swelling causing the phone to split apart. Currently, Samsung Display is the only volume supplier in the market. On Apple's website, the company quotes the same peak brightness levels and contrast ratio ratings that it did for the prior-generation iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. LG Display is targeting the capability to pump out 120 million 6-inch smartphone displays.

As always, take these 'disasters' in the context of Apple's scale.

When investing geniuses David and Tom Gardner have a stock tip, it can pay to listen.

It will be too early to say anything about the fate of iPhone 8 Plus at this time.

Apple needs an OLED supplier, but can it sidestep Samsung? Not a lot has changed in terms of camera quality on iPhone since the 7 so perhaps it's due for a big overhaul.

That's right. The iPhone 8 no longer has the best camera around.

There's no information at this point about what causes the issue. This happened in the first week of the phone usage.

According to AppleInsider, the incidents are called infant failures, which are defects made in the first 30 days of the production of a certain device. Taiwan and Japan's units coming from the same manufacturing plant, I can believe is possible.

When a new product is launched, there are always a few faulty units that turn up. This means, come September 2018, we'll be looking at a brand-new iPhone 11 - or iPhone XI.

Late last month, the folks over DxOMark Mobile tested the new Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus cameras. Don't like the sound of that?

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Girlfriend may provide clue to motive — Vegas shooting
As he left the White House for Puerto Rico, Trump called the Las Vegas gunman "demented" and a "very, very sick individual". SIEGLER: The early analysis is that Shepherd's hunch is probably right. "But it would be hard for me to believe that".

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