Trump's credibility not standing up well to national tragedies — Witcover

A flight from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport to Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico - and back - would take roughly 7.5 hours. Puerto Rico's debts, they wrote, "must be canceled and reduced to sustainable" payments. These guidelines include services to make sure students get proper immunizations and check-ups and setting up extra support systems within the school, such as counseling. In its 2016 report, "Failure to Act: Closing the Infrastructure Investment Gap for America's Economic Future", the American Society of Civil Engineers argue that 10 key sectors of infrastructure are currently inadequate to meet our needs, let alone to address the increasing demands of a growing society.

Why it matters: The new Pew Research Center data offers a snapshot of Americans' views at a time when the White House is moving aggressively to dismantle Obama-era climate change policies. The bombing stopped after a campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience. People could not see the crisis because the crisis was developing in slow motion. He hopes the hurricane will spur the fiscal control board, which governs the territory's finances, to push forward a decade-old proposal to privatise the power industry.

"What's the smartest way to rebuild?" asked Abigail Ross Hopper, president of the Solar Energy Industries Association.

On Air Force One on his return flight to Washington, Trump said it had been a "great day" and he had heard no criticism during his day in Puerto Rico. Simply put, the island was not prepared for Maria. And she is not having any of Trump's publicity stunts.

The House is expected to approve the $29 billion measure next week, and a vote on that package in the Senate could come in mid-October, according to several GOP congressional aides. The storm had already given him a stronger hand forcing creditors to accept less. They checked in on the elderly. Today, for instance, I mean, that problem of poverty, the-over 72 percent of Vieques community lives below the poverty line. "I encourage Puerto Rican families to take advantage of this opportunity and the state of Florida will continue to do all we can to help them during this challenging time". "Well, you know, they're dying".

Trump's credibility not standing up well to national tragedies — Witcover

Massachusetts superintendents have been talking with state officials to see if any financial assistance will be available for those who may have an influx of children - some of whom do not speak English and may need extra help because they have been traumatized by the devastation the hurricane brought. This is Edwin Acosta.

For us Puerto Ricans it was clear. So it was just a disconnect.

Relief efforts are concentrated in San Juan, and it's here where progress is most evident. Walking table to table, the vice president met Everlinda Burgos, who had arrived earlier in the day from her home in Naranjito. Now my neighbors and I arrange car pools with one another since gasoline is so scarce. Residents of storm-wracked, independent, and broke Caribbean islands like Dominica and Antigua-Barbuda are still more desperate, seeking shelter from relatives abroad. With no electricity, people with mobility issues have become prisoners in steaming hot high-rises.

In his comments to Fox News' Geraldo Rivera, Trump said that Puerto Rico owes "a lot of money to your friends on Wall Street".

The governor said almost half - 47 percent - of residents have running water and that should climb to 60 percent by the end of the week.

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Las Vegas Killer's Girlfriend Denies Knowledge of Vegas Plot
It frees the weapon to slide back and forth rapidly, harnessing the energy from the kickback shooters feel when the weapon fires. Many on the left, including The Mercury News, are quick to blame the right and its NRA and gun lobbies for mass shootings.

Sheriff: Paddock Rented Different Room Through AirBnb
We will use the same psychological techniques we always have to distance ourselves from it to make us sleep better at night. The MGM Grand's electrical fire would have been far less lethal if there had been sprinklers in the restaurants and casino.

Eliminatorias sudamericanas: Hora y TV de todos los partidos del día
Y además, siempre que estuvo en el arco, Colombia consiguió la victoria. El "Tigre" encabeza la tabla de goleadores de Francia con 12 goles .

Rebecca Wright: We may never know Vegas gunman's motives
NPR's swing editor Christopher Dean Hopkins started posting on NPR's official Facebook account about the exploits of Ramona. If the suicide didn't destroy Paddock's brain, experts may even find a neurological disorder or malformation, he said.

Trump Defends Anthem Tweets: 'The NFL Situation Is a Very Important Situation'
De Blasio dismissed that statement in response to a question at an unrelated press conference in Manhattan on Monday afternoon. However, the NFL's game operations manual requires that " all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem".

Google Pixel Buds Translate: What Languages Does The Headset Support?
Today Google charging expert Benson Leung has posted on his Google+ page some details about the charging of the Pixel 2 phones. Of course, its unclear how smooth its use will be in real-life situations, with differences in accents and background noise.

1 More Person Dies From Mass Shooting — Las Vegas Hospital
In Tuesday's statement , Aldean said he would resume touring the following week for his concert scheduled in Tulsa, Oklahoma. One of the bill's sponsors Republican Jeff Duncan, argues that reducing gun noise is a safety issue for hunters.

Girlfriend may provide clue to motive — Vegas shooting
As he left the White House for Puerto Rico, Trump called the Las Vegas gunman "demented" and a "very, very sick individual". SIEGLER: The early analysis is that Shepherd's hunch is probably right. "But it would be hard for me to believe that".

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus Video Shootout
Samsung has found itself in a win-win situation as Samsung will reap massive benefits from the iPhone X and Note 8 launch. The Counterpoint Market Research revealed the complex business relationship that exists between Apple and Samsung .

Sheriff: Paddock Rented Different Room Through AirBnb
We will use the same psychological techniques we always have to distance ourselves from it to make us sleep better at night. The MGM Grand's electrical fire would have been far less lethal if there had been sprinklers in the restaurants and casino.

Samsung wants you to know how to secure your Galaxy Note8
Both phones are powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processors and run Oreo, the latest version of the Android operating system. If there is a big problem, then Apple will likely be quick about setting up a return/recall program and making things right.

Became known new cases swellings iPhone 8
This technology, as I've written recently, really is a game changer and easily one of my favorite features of the iPhone 8 Plus . As there appears to be no possibility for personal injury, there is unlikely to be a recall as in the Galaxy Note situation.

Las Vegas Shooting: What We Know About Marilou Danley
The Life is Beautiful festival featured the Kiwi pop star as well as Chance the Rapper, Muse and Blink-182. And authorities found two gun stocks that could have let him modify weapons to make them fully automatic.

Gunman's girlfriend says no advance knowledge of massacre — Las Vegas shooting
She is someone who can fill in a lot of the blanks and that's why investigators will want to get her in a interview room quickly. Danley's sisters told CNN affiliate Seven Network Australia that Paddock encouraged her to leave the United States last month.

Las Vegas shooting: What we know about suspected gunman Stephen Paddock
Here's a look at what some of those comments, including ones from San Diego's congressional leaders Scott Peters and Susan Davis . He took his own life before police stormed his room, where they found as many as 23 guns, bringing the total death toll to 59.

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