Air Force inaction aided Texas shooter — Enforcement

The 26-year-old private security guard burst into the Baptist church in Sutherland Springs on November 5 during Sunday morning services and sprayed bullets at the congregation also wounding another 20 people.

American politicians who oppose gun control have blood on their hands, says Ayesha Hazarika after the latest mass shooting in the US.

Okay, we won't talk about this one. How about Orlando where 49 died, Virginia Tech where 32 died or Sandy Hook where 27 died?

One wonders how many of Paxton's co-religionists will be murdered by homegrown domestic terrorists before he is convinced that there is anything we can do as a society besides carry handguns to church on Sundays.

We hear the loudest protests from liberal Protestantism - the fastest-dying segment of American Christianity.

The rank-and-file of the NRA are in lockstep with the majority of Americans on many sensible gun issues, sales to the mentally ill being at the top of everyone's list.

Wilson has been in office since May, and said she had not been aware that the Air Force had a problem with reporting criminal history data to the FBI prior to the shooting.

In a statement to CBS News, Peak Behavioral Health said it would not confirm whether Kelley was a patient at the facility, citing federal and state law, as well as the company's policies. Will we stop all mass shootings? Had that conviction been entered into the database, as required by Pentagon rules, Kelley's legal purchase of any gun would have been denied.

Police found Kelley in El Paso and turned him over to New Mexico police to return him to the facility, according to the police report.

When one is dead, all ones rights are gone. More people with mental disabilities are harmed by guns than harm others with guns.

He was reportedly thrilled after Roof opened fire in a historic black church in Charleston, S.C., and murdered nine worshipers in June 2015. Unfortunately, it happens regularly everyday.

This is published unedited from the PTI feed. It's too late. Much too late.

Driving through Sarasota I glanced at the looming majesty of the American flag on display at the Buchanan family Ford dealership. Lets put public safety ahead of someone who thinks they need an assault rifle to blast a deer with hundreds of rounds.

Is there really nothing that can be done? I'm thinking magazine capacities somewhere between a few and three is a good place to start.

Now of course anyone who commits these kind of heinous acts has profound psychiatric disorders, but it is madly irresponsible to suggest that anyone with a mental health issue (which is most of us) is likely to do something like this. Once again they call for thoughts and prayers.

It is within the powers of Congress to pass a new law tailored specifically to the Texas shooting, one that could acknowledge the Air Force's mistake and offer a compensation package.

In 2012, Kelley was court-martialed and convicted for assaulting his wife and stepson. "He would say he wished he had the nerve to do it, but all he would be able to do is kill animals". Under Hoylman's bill, the confiscation would occur at the time of an arrest, not a conviction. For instance, plaintiffs cannot sue the government on the basis that a government policy caused injuries.

An unarmed people is a controllable people.

We will never know his reasons; we don't need them either. But it and other statutes also leave an important role to laws of the states where the negligence allegedly occurred.

For a moment, the attack seemed to have stopped and worshippers thought that police had arrived to confront the gunman.

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