Electronic Arts Stock Falls As Company Caves To Gamer Demands

Players' rage at the ugly value proposition of these microtransactions may be the driving force behind the public relations firestorm Star Wars: Battlefront II is currently enduring but it seems more than likely that the factor that ultimately tipped the scales is a fear of regulatory action.

Once the Battlefront 2 beta went live in October, it became blindingly obvious that the loot crate system had strong pay-to-win elements. But the game's actual story, which is being marketed as your chance to finally see things from the Empire's side, falls short of its promise.

The dramatic shifts in pricing for heroes, historic fan uproar, and eventual removal of all real-money transactions fromStar Wars: Battlefront II have overshadowed the game's release with accusations of pay-to-win systems and egregious greed.

I have no need for the petty foot-based battles of filthy rebels and shiny Stormtroopers, adorable prequel droids and Order 66-awaiting clones. A leader of a village that was in intense opposition to the male leader of that village. That's one massive amount of farming going on. Instead, you'll be glad of receiving the crafting parts that are in these crates and come as rewards for certain milestones. Still, he reiterated his buy rating on EA with a price target of 137.

IBD'S TAKE: Electronic Arts has an IBD Composite Rating of 90 out of 99, but it ranks No. 6 out of 13 stocks in IBD's Computer Software-Gaming industry group.

And, as expected, all these great franchises are extremely focused on multiplayer. On a mission on Endor, her world is thrown into chaos when (Return of the Jedi spoiler alert!) the Death Star explodes above her, killing the Emperor and untold thousands, which sends her on a vengeful quest to destroy the Rebel Alliance.

This isn't surprising because it's not the first time Disney, or their subsidiary Lucasfilm, has had to step in to "fix" problems surrounding Star Wars. How they address these issues - and whether their solutions make fans happy - remains to be seen.

The Games as a Service model has been completely abused by developers like EA and Monolith. Not to mention, this is done heavily to support the eSports players and their divisions. That's a terrible loot system no matter what, since it means you could be getting equipment and gear improvements for classes you literally don't play.

Many games include those purchases, and while they have proven controversial they are usually not enough to derail the game.

Similar to credits, players who go through a few multiplayer matches will find that the best way to rake in Battle Points is by completing the various goals of whatever game mode you're playing.

EA has limited the number of credits you can earn in Arcade Mode. And this prodigy child of Star Wars games just delivered one of the worst microtransactions scandals of the latest years.

It's unfortunate that this system remains as is, because it's among the worse ways both loot boxes and progression could be implemented.

Screen Rant will keep you updated on all Star Wars: Battlefront II news, the game is available to purchase now. I avoided having to buy it and waited for Jim Sterling to play the game. Whereas Battlefront 1 launched in a woefully anemic state, Battlefront 2 is packed with fun things to do. The question is how much father it can get without meeting legal resistance. You will be able to locate many items through them.

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