Gamers celebrate victory as EA removes microtransactions from Star Wars: Battlefront II

"They're already accepted", he said. Wall Street is taking notice and lowering its expectations for the title's financial prospects. EA had been forming a flat base over the past 11 weeks, but undercut the prior low in that pattern. At first, each player has the same advantages as the other - assuming these two players started on the same day.

This back-flip, hours before the game launched, was clearly a Hail Mary pass aimed at assuaging readers and dealing with the poor reviews the game has been racking up. Anytime if you step in loot create around you, don't ignore it. A loot crate can be a turning point for your game by offering you cards or abilities not seen before. This means that the option to purchase crystals in the game is now offline, and all progression will be earned through gameplay.

The representative wouldn't or couldn't at this time offer any details as to how the system will be changed.

But at its worst, Battlefront II's campaign is aggressively average, its story ending surprisingly abruptly while promising that Iden's journey will continue in the free Resurrection DLC that will release in December (which is not surprisingly tied to The Last Jedi's theatrical debut).

Once you purchase Star Wars Battlefront II from the PlayStation Store the game will be added to your Downloads List/Library on your PlayStation system.

In an interview, Battlefront 2 design director Niklas Fegraeus told GameSpot, "The important thing is everything can be earned [through gameplay]". The industry must be in a really, really bad state if all games are looped into the conversation of, "so are you getting Battlefield or Call of Duty this year?"

A response on Reddit from EA attempting to explain the system was quickly made the most downvoted post in the site's history, while Battlefront gamers also claimed to have crunched the numbers and worked out it would take more than 40 hours of gameplay to unlock the likes of Luke and Vader.

The original story is below. It is the fourth major installment of the Star Wars: Battlefront series and seventh overall, and a sequel to the 2015 reboot of the series. It was discovered today that you can no longer purchase the game's virtual currency, Crystals, with real money. Not so much for the benefits in the packs themselves, which are pretty lackluster if you ask me. It's a huge shooter (the biggest genre in gaming) based on Star Wars (the biggest #brand in the galaxy). Keep checking back for more.

EA's "Star Wars Battlefront II" officially launches on Friday, but portions of the game went live on Nov. 9 for the company's EA Access and Origin Access subscribers. We're talking about the game that literally everyone hates and had the worst attempt at damage control I've ever seen.

Naturally, some portion of the audience did not enjoy this.

In a statement to players, EA promised the most powerful weapons would only be unlockable through in-game achievements - not in loot crates. Even with paid microtransactions out of the picture, Battlefront 2's progression system is still a confusing, unsatisfying mess. The notion that games are so expensive to make that folks like EA need constant cash injections is just as laughable. Game developers go to great lengths to avoid their games being labeled "pay-to-win", an accusation which was almost universally leveled against Battlefront II.

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