Trevor Noah weighs in on #Oprah2020 on 'The Daily Show'

Back in October, Oprah Winfrey was on CBS' "This Morning".

Earnest said there's an "optimism lane" that Winfrey could fill in a Democratic primary. That was before most of the Trump administration to date and also before a national reckoning about the way women are treated in this country.

King said that Winfrey's partner, Stedman Graham, misinterpreted the question that helped fuel speculation about a possible run. "I absolutely don't think that her position has changed", King said. Neither possibility is very reassuring, but both are oddly familiar. She told David Rubenstein that she never considered it until Trump won the Republican nomination.

"I reject that Trump supporters have forfeited their right to cite others' lack of preparatory experience for presidential office".

Two close friends of Winfrey say she is "actively thinking" about running for the presidency, CNN reported on Monday. "I don't think she's going to run". "And ultimately I respect it".

It goes like this: I talked to Oprah last night. She then added, "I was up talking to her late last night". "They will blindly follow and worship" Winfrey, Hannity asserted, adding that "these are the same people that never vetted Obama!".

Except King didn't say that.

Frankly, that's a bit hard to swallow. King's nonviolent views become so unpopular following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks that he leaves to live in Canada.

Still, Republicans can't attack Winfrey on the basis of qualifications after nominating and electing Trump.

Now, here's the thing: None of the above means Winfrey is running for president. #Oprah2020 is not a passing meme, but a coming story.

The rest of the speech, however, sounded as though it had been structured for a campaign.

But the diminishing importance of qualifications isn't just all about Trump.

Fuck it. The 2020 race will be Trump against Oprah, with cameo appearances from Mark Zuckerberg and Kanye West.

Hear more in the video below! Kirsten Gillibrand or former Vice President Joe Biden or Vermont Sen.

Trump, speaking on Tuesday with reporters during a White House meeting with lawmakers, said in response to a question,"Yeah I'll beat Oprah".

No wonder if after 10 years the candidates would discuss on a wrestling ring.

"I think lessons we all learned from watching Hillary's run, and how her ambition was unfavourably and unfairly viewed, coupled with Oprah's existing popularity, could give Oprah a strong start", Palmieri said. She's already Oprah. Being a movie star/entertainment mogul/IRL Santa Claus/glamorous gardening cover model sounds a lot better than the Sisyphean burdens of White House life.

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