Updates Will Make Chips "Immune" From New Security Vulnerabilities — Intel

It was later learned that AMD and ARM hardware are susceptible too, specifically to Spectre.

The Google Project Zero researcher, Jann Horn, demonstrated that malicious actors could take advantage of speculative execution to read system memory that should have been inaccessible.

A technique designed to speed up computer processing has turned out to leave a treasure trove of information for hackers, unsecured in cache memory on each chip.

While it's urging to see that Xbox is unaffected, different sorts of devices from PC to telephones, and web servers, still aren't completely checked. The material defect also lets hackers use code running in a browser to access memory in the attacker's process, potentially exposing customers' passwords and personal information.

But even if the performance impact is inconsequential, AMD could win business simply by not being at the center of this storm.

"As it is not easy to fix, it will haunt us for quite some time", the official Meltdown/Spectre FAQ says.

The latter two companies issued immediate statements concerning the flaws soon after they were revealed, yet Intel was a little slower to react. The assumption here is that further updates may be needed, and that things will only improve over time. Chip makers will have to redesign future processors that will be protected against the exploits and its variants.

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The chipmaker is working with rivals AMD, ARM and others in an industry response to the revelation of serious CPU security flaws disclosed recently. Software-based solutions can act as a stop-gap measure against the threat, but until vendors update their chip designs, Spectre will remain a problem.

November 29, 2017: Krzanich sells more than $39 million worth of Intel stock, in accordance with the revised trading plan adopted just weeks earlier. In a statement to CNBC, AMD explained the difference in architecture between Intel and AMD chipset puts AMD at "zero risks".

As the cloud provider community mobilises to protect users from two long-standing processor-based security flaws, researchers suggest a rip and replace of their underlying CPU hardware may be required to eradicate the risk of exploitation. "This is a flaw that's not at the operating system level; it's at the chip level". Microsoft released a security update for Windows computers to mitigate Meltdown on Wednesday.

Apple already patched the nasty security flaw in its Mac platform last month with the macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 release. "GCP has already been updated to prevent all known vulnerabilities". This means that their processors have a lot more secure procedures when accessing private data on the users' PC compared to Intel.

Despite the patching, the security researchers say the Spectre security flaw, although harder to exploit, is also more difficult to fully patch.

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AMD To Begin Distributing Firmware Updates To Patch Spectre Vulnerability
Spectre and Meltdown have been reported as kernel flaws present in a majority of Intel , AMD and Arm processors . As Microsoft stated, he can quickly jump from one browser tab to another and discover the victim's purpose.

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HP reportedly starting to release BIOS fixes for Meltdown and Spectre flaws
While patches are on the way, the performance hit from these patches could be as high as twenty or thirty percent in some cases. These vulnerabilities were found in the process which most modern processors use to optimize the performance of their devices.

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Intel is rising after saying it's fixed the 'Spectre' CPU flaw
The company also said a performance hit from a future software update "should not be significant and will be mitigated over time". Intel is focusing attention on chips that have been produced in the last five years - which is understandable to a degree.

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