Marvel's latest dazzles with action and social commentary — Black Panther' review

Hence, the possibility is there for a few critics to blast the movie for whatever reasons and pull back the final Rotten Tomatoes score.

Black Panther works best as a dynastic drama, and as a musing on global politics from a perspective we don't often get. "But that - shooting 'Civil War' as Black Panther and then driving past the Klan - that's what change feels like". Under his dominion is Wakandia, a hidden futuristic nation in Africa which can exist apart from the rest of the world thanks to its endless reserves of the superpower mineral,"Vibranium". He was at once majestic and menacing. Every female role in this film is well-defined.

According to Erik Davis, the Fandango Managing Editor, the build for this movie has gone beyond the casual fans to a major, national phenomenon. These reviews may make the next 10 days even tougher to wade through.

It seems like there's a new Marvel or DC flick dropping every summer - not to mention winter weekend. After all, he said it can get "a little uncomfortable from time-to-time", especially when they run into him while he's "half naked".

Elsewhere, Black Panther breaks its supposed new ground with limited success.

T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) has returned to his home, and instead of feuding with the Avengers, must learn how to balance ruling Wakanda and keeping up duties as the Panther. But I would enjoy seeing such films not because the main character was black, but rather because the main character, who happened to be black, played such an interesting character. I felt a familiarity. And in doing so opens up its world, and yours, beautifully.

Good spirits The actor smiled and looked upbeat despite his'interesting living situation
Good spirits The actor smiled and looked upbeat despite his'interesting living situation

Marginalized people know what representation means. At least, until Ego came along just last year to mess with Peter Quill. And those are two different things. Let's watch the trailer again and see what we think. Thousands of people have gotten involved and have donated over $260,000 to similar campaigns. Oh, and if you're wondering about the Marvel-centric nature of this article, it's not rigged. There was just silence.

Ryan Coogler and Chadwick Boseman.

Black Panther changed all of that. Glorious moments that made me swell with pride. Details like the character's natural hairstyles, the Wakanda dap-handshakes and even Kendrick Lamar's handpicked hip-hop soundtrack bring everything full circle. Topping off the cast are Isaach de Bankolé, Connie Chuene, and Atandwa Kani. It's impossible to know from the reviews, because they are clearly the product of a mindset that praises the racial cinematography of the film rather than the content of the film itself. Firestar asks Panther about his confession in disbelief. That is the garden where triumphant and lasting revolutions are born.

It was his sureness. They allow the characters to exist in a world where they fully belong. It had around 3,700 participants.

Black Monarchy on West Utica street in Buffalo's West Side is a store that celebrates diversity.

On Feb. 16, a "comic book movie" has the potential to start a revolution. Why? I look forward to my own kids having a plethora of black role models to look up to.

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