Barack & Michelle Obama Send Each Other Sweet Valentine's Day Messages

The official portrait of the first lady was added to the collection in 2006 with Hillary Clinton.

The bizarre discovery has come in a portrait of the former US president. Michelle's, on the first floor, trickled into the courtyard. To be sure, the different plants speak to his different points of origin: Kenya, the Pacific, the Midwest.

The original picture from which Healy extracted the portrait of Lincoln alone was a group portrait that he titled "The Peacemakers". Click the link in my bio to hear the playlist.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, the couple took to Instagram to share sentiments of adoration and respect.

Well, for the day that's in it, the lovebirds decided to write little messages to each other on Instagram, and it's all very adorable. "There was an instant connection, that kind of sister girl connection".

This isn't the first time, either.

During his presidency, Barack made a "tradition of sharing his reading lists and playlists". But after another look, "But she's more than that isn't she?"

He also shared a strong bond with Wiley.

Sherald and Wiley are the first black artists to receive a presidential portrait commission from the museum. Michelle keeps it classy, people. What? Yes, the Fox turd actually said that. "Rather, it comes from the bottom up". Naturally, there were plenty of aww-inducing moments.

He didn't walk away empty-handed however. He also said that his wife "makes every day and every place better". Both Reagan and George W. Bush are dressed in more relaxed clothes, compared to a formal stance by their desks in business suits like Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush.

As for the Trumps, their virtual displays of affection (VDA if you will) seemed sparse - nonexistent, really - by mid-day. That's how much he hates the military and America. Maybe it's just me (I stink at faces and totally identify with people who say they have "face blindness" though I'm sure that I wouldn't meet the clinical definition) but it just feels "off" - and I don't mean this in the way that people meanspiritedly criticize her for scowling.

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